Key: Key to the West-Palaeractic species of Elaphropeza Macquart, 1827 (Diptera: Hybotidae).
This is the key as presented by Chvála (1971). At the time Elaphropeza was considered as a subgenus of the genus Drapetis and this has been the case until quite recently. The genus appears to be favouring warmer climates with larger numbers of species known from the Oriental, Neotropic and Ethiopian regions.
Chvála, M., 1971. A third Palaearctic species of Drapetis subgenus Elaphropeza, from Sicily (Insecta, Diptera, Empididae). - Steenstrupia 1(13): 127-130.
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Key (online version)
Mesonotum yellow with a dark brown median stripe that extends to the presutural area. Third antennal segment short, only slightly longer than first and second segments together. Arista rather long, twice antennal length.
boergei Chvála, 1971
Presutural area of the mesonotum yellow .
Post sutural area of the mesonotum largely black.
pseudoephippiata Raffone, 2003
Postsutural area of the mesonotum with two or more or less developed dark patches above each wing-base, without median stripe.
Mesonotum with a smaller, brownish, oblique patch across each hind corner. Third antennal segment short, at most slightly longer than first and second segments together. Arista longer, more than twice the antennal length.
hutsoni Smith, 1967
Mesonotum with a rather large, brownish, oblong patch parallel with sides of thorax. Third antennal segment long, twice as long as first and second segments together. Arista short, less than twice the antennal length.
ephippiata (Fallén, 1815)